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How can you start your journey with TallyWiz? (A complete onboarding guide)

January 7, 2022

Errors, redundant entries, huge amounts of time!

The challenges accountants and CA’s face in the Bank statement entries in Tally are well known to every person who is associated with the accountancy.

Dealing with mountains of files and manually entering huge amounts of data(such as purchase, Sales, Receipt, Payment, Contra, Journal) that are uncategorised and unorganised into a Tally is really frustrating and tiring, especially when it involves too much of your time. 

Based on our research and after talking to a number of accountants and CA’s, we found some below challenges that all of them face with the manual data entry process.

  • Time-consuming 
  • Monotonous task
  • Missed the deadline, lost the client
  • Frustrating and boring

If you are an accountant or CA, you can easily relate to these challenges, so we decided to come up with a solution that can automate Bank statement entries in Tally with 100% accuracy.

TallyWiz is a simple, easy and profitable Tally automation tool that will help you overcome all your data entry-related challenges by uploading your Excel, PDF or Scanned PDF bank statement files to Tally. 

In this article, you will get inside and out of TallyWiz and proper guidance on how you can start with the Software.

Why TallyWiz? What is so special about it?

TallyWiz is an accounting automation software powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the data entry work in just a matter of minutes.

The automatic data processing software uploads all your Bank Statements, Sales/Purchase files in any format, whether Excel, PDF or Scanned PDF, into your Tally software with just one click.

In other words, you don’t have to enter the data manually in Tally, as everything will be taken care of by TallyWiz.

Features that make TallyWiz user-friendly and profitable software for accountants, accounting firms, and CAs.

Did you find it useful? Read further to get started with TallyWiz.

How can you sign up for TallyWiz?

The process of signing up in TallyWiz is as easy as Facebook and Instagram. Follow the below steps, and then you are all set to use the TallyWiz software.

  1. Visit the Tallywiz website www.tallywiz.co and click on the Login option.

  1. Once you click on the login option, you will redirect to the below page. Sign in with Google or fill in the Sign In form if you are an existing TallyWiz user.

  1. If you are a new user, click on Register, the next page you land on will look like this, where you have to fill in all the necessary details to proceed.

Enter the Name, email, mobile, password, and referral code (not mandatory) and click on register.

  1. After clicking on the registration, you will be jumped on to the next step, where you will be asked to “Download the software”.

Note: Click on the option according to your computer processor; the terms 32-bit and 64-bit refer to the way a computer's processor (also called a CPU)handles information.

Here, you are done with the Sign In - Sign Up process, and you can use TallyWiz for 7 days for free of cost.

The TallyWiz dashboard will look like this once you download it.

What are TallyWiz Prices and Plans? What services does TallyWiz offer?

TallyWiz provides 3 subscription plans for different categories 

  1. Personal

If you are an individual who has just started accountancy for small firms and wants to excel in that, you can go for a personal subscription. The product for personal use will cost you only ₹5000/ year; this TallyWiz Price allows you to add data of a minimum of 10 companies (additional charges applied for 10+ companies) to use the software with an unlimited bank statement uploading option.

  1. Practitioner

This plan is for the one who has been practising accountancy for years or one who owns a relatively big accountancy firm. It allows you to add data of about 100 companies with the plan cost of ₹12000/- (additional charges applied on the addition of companies above 100).

The plan comes with all the required features that you can see on the TallyWiz Official Website. 

  1. Big practitioner,

A huge accountancy firm, having n number of accountants that have to deal with multiple business’s accounts and also to deal with strict deadlines can avail this facility. You can purchase this plan for ₹25000/year (additional charges applied to more users); moreover, the plan offers a minimum of 500 companies in a single purchase.

Aren't these plans affordable? If you are still perplexed in making a decision to invest in accounting automation software, here is a profitable step that can help you get a clear vision.

Get a hands-on TallyWiz experience by availing of our 7 day FREE Trail option.

“Pahle istemal kro fir vishwas kro”

Being a customer, we always have a tendency to check the product meticulously before buying it, which is a smart and safe move. Since we respect the customer’s hard-earned money and trust, we offer a 7-day free trial to customers so that they can use the product and decide whether it's worth buying and valuable or not.

TallyWiz offers a free trial in the first place when you sign up, which means you will directly be eligible for the free trial once you sign up for the software.

You can also schedule a FREE DEMO where the TallyWiz members will help you guide on “How TallyWiz Works”


  • Only one company access allowed in a free trial
  • Data will get deleted if you don't purchase the plan.

How can you proceed once your trial period gets over?

Once the free trial is over, the user will get notified through an email of trail plan expiration for them to decide whether they want to continue and purchase the plan or vice versa.

To Purchase the plan, the user can use the online mode website or contact TallyWiz. 

Method: 1 

Go to the registration page and enter your username and password in order to purchase the plan.

Method: 2

Contact TallyWiz if you need more information regarding the product.

In order to contact TallWiz, you need to go to our contact us page of the TallyWiz website. Once you raise the request, an executive from the TallyWiz team will contact you to give the software demo to help you understand the product better and make it easy for you to use it.

Which online payment method customers can use to purchase a TallyWiz subscription?

Users can make payments with the following modes:

  • UPI
  • Wallet
  • Net Banking
  • Debit Card/Credit Card

Long story short, TallWiz signing up process is quick and easy, the user can complete the process in just a matter of minutes. You don't have to hurry in buying the product. Just take your time, use the free trial and then take the decision whether it’s worth buying or not.

TallyWiz is all set to give you a demo as well and apprise you with more details about the software so that you don't have any doubt after purchasing the plan.

Accountants, accounting firm owners, and CA’s, when are you planning to automate Bank statement entries in Tally with TallyWiz?

Wondering what TallyWiz is all about?

For a limited time we will provide a FREE 1-1 demo over google meet any time of the weekday to you or your staff members. Discover the simplicity with which TallyWiz can streamline your operations before you avail of the services. Unfold the magic!

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