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Error-Free AI-Equipped Accounting Software with the Annual Price of 500 INR

January 29, 2021

Are you using Tally software?  Don’t you feel accounting data entries is a tedious and time-consuming task?

Well, we have brought something new for you with the latest automation technology to make Tally data entry super fast and automatic.

With the transformation in the use of technology, there is a dramatic change in keeping the books of accounts and so also the commercial transactions.

Gone are the days when people used to engage accountants for keying in the accounting data entries in Tally Software.

This has considerably changed.

With the use of the latest technology, minimum manpower is engaged in the same repetitive work.

This has become possible in the accounting industry using Artificial Intelligence.

Now, manual data entries of bank statements are becoming somewhat boring for newcomers.

As newcomers are a very fast learner and tech-savvy.

There are chances that they will easily learn the accounts data entry with new automation in the financial industry to decrease the burden on both – the employers and their clients.

What is TallyWiz?

We have developed an automated tool named as TallyWiz for easy and accurate bank statement data entry in Tally.

With the help of machine learning algorithms, TallyWiz has succeeded in becoming this so the information is automatically stored under the right ledger in Tally software.

It is very useful for tax consultants, chartered accountants, and company secretaries.

How does Tallywiz work?

TallyWiz is considered to be a very intelligent utility/ tool which extracts data directly from the bank statements and makes accounting data entries in TallyWiz.

Data can be extracted from all types of documents including scanned PDF, excel etc.

Through TallyWiz, one does not need to spend hours on data entries.

Just a few clicks and Tally data entries are done.

Not only this, but TallyWiz also brings savings on many counts.

Considerable saving can be achieved on salary, computer cost and electricity cost.

Benefits of TallyWiz:

With the TallyWiz you don’t need to manually check and remind customers to submit their documents.

TallyWiz will do it for you and it will remind them with SMS, notifications etc.

Just Imagine the time and efforts you will save if you have more than 100 clients.

TallyWiz is as easy as you think, it’s just the game of a few seconds and everything is ready for you within a few minutes.

The automated data entry performed by TallyWiz will also be error-free and hassle-free.

The services will also be accurate as there is considerable automation with the use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Considerable efforts and time can also be saved with Tallywiz.

Clients can share their bank statements through a web portal or app. The documents are stored under each client’s profile.


It is just a small amount of INR 500 Per Company listed in Tally. And the amount will be charged annually.

The following is the quick 1-year return calculation for your investment of INR 500 for a year for your 1 client.

Thus TallyWiz can help you increase your profit substantially.

From the above, it can be asserted that you can earn more with existing staff and also can offer the best services to your customers through TallyWiz.

It has been analyzed that an employee takes 35 seconds per entry but TallyWiz is so speedy- it just takes 2 seconds per entry.


It can be simply quoted – “Pay the lowest possible amount and ensure highest possible saving and get a good return”.

Just with the expense of a pen and a notebook, the TallyWiz can be purchased – as simple as that.

The accounting process will be smooth, accurate and affordable for all.

TallyWiz will help you save up to 90% of your time with a 0% chance of committing an error.

Are you having a thought in mind about purchasing TallyWiz?

We have an answer for that too. You don’t need to worry –  we are already here to clear all the doubts.

Don’t decide in just 24 or 48 hours and also you don’t need to make any advance payment to TallyWiz.

You may purchase the TallyWiz after validating it and checking it.

Yes, we are providing a free demo to use the TallyWiz software.

Are you thinking of trying the demo of TallyWiz?

Just get in touch with us!

We are just a few clicks away from you!


With the above link, you can ask anything and solve all your doubts.

Wondering what TallyWiz is all about?

For a limited time we will provide a FREE 1-1 demo over google meet any time of the weekday to you or your staff members. Discover the simplicity with which TallyWiz can streamline your operations before you avail of the services. Unfold the magic!

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