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  • Automate Tally Data Entries
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Making data entry was never this fun

The world is moving forward with technology, but our world of accountants is still feeling left behind. To keep our heroes spirits on high and take some of the burdens off their shoulders, we introduce more ingenious ways to make data entry happen using our intelligent automation software.

Keeping the green energy initiatives around us, we attempted to develop this software on a larger scale in order to avoid the misuse of paper; with that in mind, we list the alternatives we can offer you so you can say goodbye to paper and hello to Tally's sufficient way.

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TallyWiz Features

TallyWiz has completely transformed the data entry process from the traditional manual tally system to the time-consuming data entry conversion. Our software has simplified the entire process by switching to complete automation.

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Bank Statement


Introducing PDF to Tally, Our most popular Tally converter, this feature focuses on making intelligent Tally entries within no time. With this fantastic feature, all of your hurdles are gone.

Scan Copy

This easy-peasy feature allows you to make the entry by scanning the bank statement, and in no time, the accurate entry will appear on the account.

Excel sheet

This excellent feature speaks for itself; its simple consistency with Excel spreadsheets allows you to cut your time in half.

Client Access

Whether you're working from home or in an office with a limited network, our easy client access ensures that you can access your clients' accounts with ease, even if you're in a remote location.

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Direct ROI

Be on the top of your game by managing a large number of clients with a small number of employees via providing them with accounting

tools and making their lives easier, and maintain your position as the best place to work.


We make your life easier by ensuring that your time is invested in the right places. Keeping that in mind TallyWiz speeds up data entry by a factor of ten, compared to manual data entry.

You don't need to fix any errors because there won't be any. Making sure your time is invested in the right place, we make your life easier sufficiently.


Last but not least, our absolute services include Effort-saving, which means that accounting tasks that are prone to errors can be cut by 60%.

Employees can now focus on more important tasks rather than data entry!

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