Evolve in the world of Automation with the continuous growth of outstanding talents around you to support and make you progress as an individual to sharpen your better future self.
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The path of extraordinary

Our Commitment

We at TallyWiz, Tally accounts and not people. We are a growing company that wants to grow better with individuals who remind us of ourselves.

Our Allies

Our staff has always been there for the rescue, from accounting to programming. We have diverse talents under a single roof. They’re the whole & sole behind our continuous growth, and in the truest sense are our allies.

Exceptional Growth

When life throws Technology at you, turn it into Automation. we truly did consume the technology inside us and done wonders by delivering exceptional results with our easy-to-use Automation tally software.

Reasons to working with us

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TallyWiz itself is a culture that integrates people's lives into the business world and comforts them to convey a sense of home.

The Growth Wizards

Growing alone has never been our way, we either sail together or sink together.

Being Humans

Aside from TallyWiz, we love browsing memes and using random GIFs.

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You bring in your qualities and we bring our experience, together we will create a workplace where work doesn’t feel like one and comfort is your new profound love.