Solving Challenges of Accountants that no one has ever dared

Tedious and repetitive work, error-sensitive Tally data entry, staff shortage, and overshooting ITR filing dates are the top challenges of accountants and CAs we’ve solved with just software!

We work 8 hours a day so that accountants can save 8 hours a day!


A Mission Impossible, We made possible

The world is made of technologies. We don't want to be part of a term that steals jobs away from the people.

Our platform is an introduction to the world of automation, Where we ensure the improvement of the companies around us and help them achieve their goal by developing and refining a few aspects of their business in the department of accountants by moving from Manual to Automated Bank Statement entries in Tally.


The Sky is the limit for Our Vision to fit in

Starting a business on a global scale can be challenging, but with great determination and dedication we know we will take TallyWiz to greater heights and expand the world of automation.


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Growing alone has never been our way, we either sail together or sink together.

Customer Commitment

Solving customer query even if it is not committed!

Data Security
Data Security

We enjoy ownership of our tool, not your data.

Personal Accountability
Personal Accountability

Each of us knows what he is supposed to do & how.

Focus on Impact
Focus on Impact

We count the impact we create with every breath.


Technology is the hero of our story

Started in 2020, based in Surat, Gujarat, Ankit Virani is leading us. One of his friends who is an accountant and struggling with return filing deadline, staff shortage, and data entry accuracy inspired us to beat the odds and develop a TallyWiz.


Embark on a TallyWiz journey

"Imagine achieving excellence in an environment where you not only work but also offer something that is part of the revolutionary moment."
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Wondering what TallyWiz is all about?

For a limited time we will provide a FREE 1-1 demo over google meet any time of the weekday to you or your staff members. Discover the simplicity with which TallyWiz can streamline your operations before you avail of the services. Unfold the magic!

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