Say No To Manual TALLY Data Entries

Do not spend hours on data entries. Extract data from bank statements (Excel, PDF, or Scanned PDF) to Tally within minutes. Use TallyWiz with almost no cost.

Earn more with your existing staff and offer the best service to your customers through TallyWiz

TallyWiz automates your 25-lines-long bank statement of any bank to Tally within 50 seconds with 100% accuracy.

How fast can I use TallyWiz?

Onboard Within Minutes With ‘Setup Free’ Access

You can start using TallyWiz by signing up directly by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ option. You can then set up it within a minute by reading the user guide or asking our team for help.

Data Extraction

Extract Data From PDF, Excel, Scanned PDF

We are using the technology of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithm to read statement documents of your clients and make entries in Tally after selecting the relevant data.

Selecting Ledger

Store Data Under Right Ledger Automatically

In the end, all you need to do is just select the respective ledger, and the data gets stored automatically. The entire process takes only a few seconds.

Our Revamped Prices. We don't want anyone to be left behind!

Plan Name Price (INR) No. of Companies
Personal INR 5,000 Up to 10 For 1 Year
Practioner INR 12,000 Up to 100 For 1 year
Big Practioner INR 25,000 Up to 500 For 1 Year

Your Profit will be 179% higher with TallyWiz.*


You don’t have to pay the staff doing data entry work.

You don’t have to spend on staff hiring and management.


TallyWiz makes data entry 10 times faster than a human!

You don’t have to fix the errors as there won’t be any.


Error-sensitive accounting tasks can be reduced by 60%.

Staff can work on important tasks rather than data entry!


Yes, you can use TallyWiz on a laptop and desktop. But when it comes to the mobile phone, the data extraction from bank statements does not work on it.

It works on the fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology.

It works seamlessly and shows the error in two cases only - when there is no electricity to keep your computer running and when there is no internet. And if it displays an error, we identify it automatically and respond rapidly to solve it within hours. You can also contact us by phone if you witness any errors with TallyWiz. We will guide you on the phone as well.

TallyWiz eliminates data entry errors. It helps you not overshoot the ITR filing deadline. Your clients will find it very easy and convenient to upload documents from your mobile app or website, which we provide along with TallyWiz. TallyWiz also releases your employees from data entry work, and they can invest these saved hours in customer support.

No. We never wish to eat up jobs with technology. We just aim to change the old-school working methods of accounting people. We want everyone to focus on activities that require decision-making, logical reasoning, and critical thinking and let the software perform tedious tasks such as data entry.