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Tally Data Entries

Do not spend hours on data entries. Extract data from bank statements (Excel, PDF, or Scanned PDF) to Tally within minutes. Use TallyWiz with almost no cost.

Last minute data πŸš€
Distributed teams πŸ‘
Save time using automation πŸ‘
Avoid costly errors πŸš€
Meet client expectations πŸ‘
Communicate better πŸŽ‰
Grow your practice πŸ‘
Focus on compliance πŸ‘


We are constantly releasing new features, usability enhancements and bug fixes and always open to suggestions from our user community. Check out our recent product demo.

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Why Tallywiz




Revenue Amplification
grows revenue across
the opportunity pipeline

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Smarter way of accounting

At TallyWiz accounting meets technology and magic happens. With Data Entry Automation, we take care of the manual data entry, communication and coordination so that you can focus on customers better.

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Eliminate Manual Entry

Use TallyWiz and see manual labour disappear.


Bulk updates

See the magic of AI even with a high number of transactions.


100% accuracy, no less

Reduce the chance of human error through Tallywiz


Last minute rush

Don’t just pray for a date extension. Handle last min data inputs with ease.


β€œSet up free” Access within minutes

Call us or email us to speak to our team. Click on the β€œSign Up” option on the TallyWiz website and sign up using the user guide.

Input data from Normal/Scanned PDF or excel intoTally directly

Tallywiz is an accounting automation software with the power of technology, has the capabilities to scan a 25-lines-long bank statement entries in Tally within 50 seconds with 100% accuracy.


Automatic Storage of data in the correct ledger

Show TallyWiz the ledger where the data needs to be stored, and it would do the same automatically in seconds.


Don't just take our
word for it

" TallyWiz has changed the way we operate. Leaving the manual work to Tallywiz, we can now divert our focus towards better customer service and compliance and going us with happier and more satisfied customers."

CA, Balkrishna Agarwal
Owner, Pradeep Timber Mart

" I started with using and being highly proficient when it came to Tally. However, most of the time, especially when it came to the more extensive customer base, the data came in the last 48 hours before the deadline. I know recommend TallyWiz to my clients so that there are no last-minute hassles.Β "

CA, Aru Sharma
Owner, Pradeep Timber Mart

TallyWiz rocks!!
"Makes me wonder how did we manage before. Today we can address and deal with a much larger customer base without the need to hire more employees or invest in a larger office space.Β "

CA, Salman
Owner, Pradeep Timber Mart

"TallyWiz has now become the defacto tool for us. Earlier, there was a bottleneck with only one person having the technical expertise of handling and dealing with the device. Now we don't have to worry about one employee working late and extra hours. The best thing about Tallywiz is the simplicity and how the credits, once earned, do not expire at all."

CA, Dishan
Owner, Pradeep Timber Mart

Our Revamped Prices. We don't want anyone to be left behind!

One fluid sales motion with seamless progression between sales stages.

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For a limited time we will provide a FREE 1-1 demo over google meet any time of the weekday to you or your staff members. Discover the simplicity with which TallyWiz can streamline your operations before you avail of the services. Unfold the magic!

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